August 2014 / Ramallah - Jarrar holding internal expulsion order

2014 Internal Expulsion Order


Khalida Jarrar was given an internal expulsion order by Israeli occupation soldiers who invaded her Ramallah home at 1:30 am on August 20, 2014 ordering her expelled from Ramallah to Jericho within 24 hours.

Approximately 50 soldiers surrounded Jarrar’s home, delivering the “Special Supervision Order” that ordered her to Jericho within 24 hours, and to stay within the city limits of that city for an initial period of six months. The Order came from an Israeli military court, is based on secret evidence and offers nothing more than allusions to “intelligence information” to justify this forced expulsion and transfer.

Jarrar refused to sign the expulsion order, saying “you, the occupation, are killing our Palestinian people. You practice mass arrests, demolish homes, kidnap people from their homes and deport them. It is you who must leave our home.” She then moved to stay in a “protest tent” outside the legislative council building in Ramallah. She announced that she is going to stay and continue her work from there until the decision is revoked.

The Israeli military later shortened her expulsion to 30 days and took no further action to enforce it.