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UPDATE, June 30 : Jarrar’s next court hearing scheduled for Monday, July 13th.

UPDATE, June 29 : Jarrar’s daughters, Yafa and Suha, visit their mother for the first time since her arrest.

UPDATE, June 20 : Khalida Jarrar’s daughters were granted the first family visit permit. All other family members, including her husband, parents and siblings were denied visit permits on the pretext that they do not fall under the “first-degree relative” category. Jarra’s daughters are scheduled to visit on Monday, June 29th.

UPDATE, June 22 : Khalida Jarrar’s court hearing was postponed until further notice. New date will be announced soon

UPDATE, May 28: Israeli military court decided to keep Khalida under detention until “legal” procedures are completed. Next hearing is scheduled for June 22, 2015.

UPDATE, May 25: Israel’s military prosecution appealed the court’s decision to release Khalida on bail and under other stated conditions. The appeal’s hearing is scheduled for Thursday, May 28, 1:00pm.

UPDATE, May 21: Ofer military court judge  issued a decision to release  Khalida Jarrar on bail until the end of trial proceedings and under the following conditions:

1. to pay 20,000 NIS bond
2. that Khalida attends courts whenever she is called to attend
3. that Khalida attains a reachable and an accessible phone number
4. third party guarantee who possesses an Israeli Identity Card (blue colour ID). 
The prosecutor requested an appeal to this judgment. The judge accepted the request and gave the prosecutor 72 hours to appeal.

UPDATE, May 12:  Ofer military court judge decided today to announce a decision on Monday, 18 May, as to whether or not Palestinian Legislative Council member Khalida Jarrar will be detained until the end of trial proceedings, after reviewing the secret and open evidence. After hearing the arguments by the defense, the military order decided to delay a decision regarding bail, until 18 Monday, 2015, until which Mrs. Jarrar will be detained.

UPDATE, May 5: As of May 4, Khalida Jarrar’s administrative detention is officially limited; she is now being officially imprisoned on the basis of the 12 entirely political charges against her in Israeli military courts. This came one day before a scheduled hearing on her administrative detention. 

UPDATE, April 27: Khalida Jarrar’s April 29 court hearing was postponed until further notice. New date will be announced soon

UPDATE, April 22: Khalida Jarrar was named “Truthdigger of the Week” by activist journalist site Truthdig, which highlighted her case

UPDATE, April 17: The Portuguese Assembly of the Republic (national Parliament) voted on April 17 to adopt a solidarity vote urging the immediate release of Khalida Jarrar, a measure proposed by the Portuguese Communist Party and supported by the Socialist Party, Greens, and the Left Bloc.

UPDATE, April 15: The Israeli military court in Ofer convened a hearing on the case of imprisoned Palestinian parliamentarian, feminist and leftist political leader Khalida Jarrar. The administrative detention order was confirmed; in addition, the military court leveled 12 entirely political charges against Jarrar, all of them related to her public speeches and political activities and advocacy for Palestinian political prisoners.

UPDATE, April 12: Khalida Jarrar’s hearing at Ofer Military Court was postponed by one day, to April 15 at 11:00 am, reported Addameer.

UPDATE, April 8: Khalida Jarrar’s administrative detention confirmation hearing at Ofer Military Court waspostponed for six days, until April 14, reported Addameer. There were 14 items of “open evidence” (aside from the secret evidence not presented to Jarrar or her lawyers) not provided to her defense lawyers; they requested and received the postponement until April 14.

UPDATE, April 5, 2:30 pm: Khalida Jarrar, Palestinian leader, parliamentarian and feminist, has been issued a six-month administrative detention order imprisoning her without charge or trial, at the behest of the Israeli military commander in the West Bank, reported Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association – Jarrar’s lawyers – on April 5.

UPDATE, April 5: Khalida Jarrar‘s first court hearing was rescheduled until tomorrow. Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association lawyer is on his way to Hasharon prison now to try to visit her

UPDATE, April 4, 2015 – Khalida Jarrar refused to speak or eat at all while she was held at Ofer under interrogation before being transferred to HaSharon prison

UPDATE, April 2, 2015 – Khalida Jarrar has been held in Ofer under investigation. Her investigation period has ended and she will be transferred to HaSharon prison. Her detention may be extended on Sunday. A military prosecutor will either submit charges, hold her under administrative detention, or release her. Khalida is in the Palestinian National Commission for the followup of the International Criminal Court.

BREAKING NEWS: April 2, 2015 – Khalida Jarrar’s Ramallah home was raided by dozens of armed Israeli occupation forces. Khalida’s husband was locked in another room as the Palestinian parliamentarian and leader was forcibly taken from her home and arrested by Israeli forces.

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